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Personal, individualized training to maximize athletic growth.

About US

Footworx is a hybrid training program designed to enhance one's overall athleticism, including 1st step speed, change of direction, explosiveness, and balance. We also specialize in soccer specific skills training.


Programs are developed specifically based on each athlete’s needs. Evaluations are done throughout training to track progress and build future programming.


Our goal is to develop confident and creative players in a fun and encouraging environment with the aim of maximizing each player’s development.


Our Program

To maximize players’ development we provide each athlete with professional coaching, personal training, and age specific skill and technique programs. Footworx offers one-on-one and group training for all athletes as well as soccer specific training for all ages and skill levels. The training is designed to further enhance the athlete's skills on a year round basis through proper planning and periodization of training. We focus on enhancing overall athleticism, speed, and stamina. Our facility combines the best practices in the industry with trainers that have experience at high levels of athletics. Every athlete should have the opportunity to train to be their best, and our team will help them reach that goal.

Footworx has been created to target specific areas of athletic development in a revolving curriculum:


We improve agility & 1st step explosiveness by incorporating a variety of intensity levels and various durations of multi-directional movement drills including age appropriate plyometrics and game situation applications.

Agility & 1st Step Explosiveness


These elements are absolutely imperative in the game of soccer as well as many other team sports. While incorporating the 1st three items in the curriculum we begin to establish familiarity and confidence while receiving and distributing the ball. Homework is typically given and progress is examined at the beginning of each session to report progress. 

1st Touch & Passing Accuracy


Each session will incorporate a wide variety of age appropriate core strengthening exercises. We believe that a strong core is a critical foundation to building an explosive well balanced athlete. 

Core Strength


Whether training for the game of soccer or any other team sport, it is imperative to understand how your speed and agility training is going to be incorporated to your sport specifically. We make sure to take the time to run game specific scenarios to help bridge the gap from training to game situations.

Build Technical Foundation & Game Awareness


While absolutely pivotal in the game of soccer, most don't realize the importance of training athletes of all ages for lower extremity power. By training the body to utilize the stretch shortening cycle at a young age, you automatically give the athlete an edge for years to come. These movement patterns are memorized and stored in the central nervous system (similar to riding a bicycle) and continue to sharpen as the athlete grows and builds muscle mass.

Lower Extremity Power


Our goal is to not only enhance each of our athletes physical abilities, but also positively impact their self confidence and self discipline. Our goal is to see improved self efficacy over the span of their training program. We believe that the athlete should be the driving force when it comes to their athletic enhancement.  

Discipline, Confidence & Self Efficacy 
Meet our Crew


Footworx is absolutely the best!  The entire staff has worked with our son over the last couple of years.  When he started at Footworx he was one of the slowest and unconditioned kids on his team and now he is the fastest and most conditioned.  On top of helping him athletically, they have helped him in all aspects of his life.  They work with each kid to help them be the best that they can be, whatever that is.

The Vaught Family

Training since 2017

Footworx has tremendously improved our son's speed and agility.  We began to see improvement immediately.  It has been instrumental in elevating his level of play in lacrosse.  He looks forward to each session.

The Gale Family

Training since 2018

My son has been training at Footworx for almost 2 years.  He had a severe injury and Jeremy & Brynnan helped him recover both mentally and physically.  I highly recommend this training program.  Brynnan has been our primary trainer and she is fantastic!

The McGee Family

Training since 2017

Jeremy and his crew at Footworx are incredible to work with.  My son has worked with several trainers and each one offers his or her own expertise and flair.  

What I love most is the flexibility in scheduling and one-on-one training that is geared toward the skill the athlete wants to master.  Foot skills, shooting, passing, and speed are all covered during training.  My son always comes back from a session with sweat dripping off of his face because he is working hard and pushed to be his very best.

Without reservation and with great enthusiasm, I would recommend Footworx for any soccer player looking to improve skills while working on speed and agility.  The team here is top notch!

The Huffman Family

Training since 2016

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Jeremy Swinford

Owner & Founder

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Alexis Warner

Trainer &

Director of Marketing

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Brynnan Montfort


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Garrett Belden


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